Student bloggers

Do you want to read 100 blogs each day, but don’t have the time or ability to type 100 cryptic, bizarrely-spelled addresses into your browser?Here’s the solution for you!

To see all of the class blogs on one, user-friendly page, try using my NetVibes page. Here’s how:

  • Go to
  • Click the “Sign In” link in the upper right-hand corner of the page
  • Type in the Username (email) “”
  • Type in the Password “easthollywood”

Now you’ll find yourself on a page with several tabs, one for each class period I teach. Under each tab you’ll see a preview of each student’s blog. You can browse around all the recent posts on each blog, and go directly to the blog by clicking on the title.


5 responses to “Student bloggers

  1. well thanks!!!
    yea i went to west high b4 i came here!!!
    really enjoyn ur class!!
    see you in 5th period!!!^_^
    peace !!!
    tara ola!!!

  2. kandenpetersonlovesmitchwithapassion

    hi matt.

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  4. Hey Matt, how has your summer gone so far? Well I am just commenting to tell you i have your beloved catch 22 that I failed to return to you. I hope your summer is well, and that your writing has been nice and dandy. I have been writing lots as well and have come to the conclusion that short stories are all that have come to be finished. I am currently writing my piece de resistance (i have a terrible American accent even on French typing) that is turning in to a catcher type self portrait, as the great BonJovi would say, it is all the same only the names (the era, the location personalities) will change.

    au revoir

  5. Hey Matt,
    It’s Keisha Johnson, I moved to Tennessee or I would ask you in person, but who was that guy that made those movies? We watched a movie about him and his like coffee rush, and we also watched a movie on his dad I think it was.
    If you can email me back i would like that.


    Oh yeah and remember…shaped like a duck!

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