google bombed

Look at this graphic of my blog stats:

Boy, I really had a big day, yesterday, didn’t I? Over 400 hits…

Now, look at this list of the search terms people used to get to my site:


Let’s analyze. What’s strange about these two pictures?

Well, I will be danged, you’re right!

I’ve been Google-bombed by a duck enthusiast!

A duck enthusiast named Carter G. Miller, Esq., to be specific.

Sir, I salute, you, and I hope you have discovered the answer to your burning question.



13 responses to “google bombed

  1. Bahahahaha. Pwnt.

    It is too easy to be google bombed. Especially with tags less enjoyable than ducks. o_o

  2. thecheriepond

    I started laughing so hard! oh my gosh. i think my parents think I have gone crazy…. haha

  3. brighton the great

    or, perhaps, holden caulfield is back from the swirling mists of bookscurity and is just wanting the answer to his age-old question.

    seems to spell like holden.

  4. Yeah and uhh… Me and Carter we go out to Sugar House park and we… we uhh…. interview the ducks and the seagulls and the geese.
    We ask them questions like “so, how many ducks do you know?” and “Where do you spend you time during the seasons… especially Winter?”
    And they just kind of go SQAAAK. and are on their way.
    We don’t get much done…

  5. were do ducks go in the winter. were do ducks go in the winter. were do ducks go in the winter. were do ducks go in the winter. were do ducks go in the winter. were do ducks go in the winter. ok im done

  6. It’s hard for people what can’t spell good to google-bomb those what can. Whhhhhhhhhhhhere indeed?

  7. no, they do mean were do the ducks go in the winter.
    not where.
    Do is a gang. they just had their tense messed up and they always forgot ‘to’ and one word.
    were Do the Ducks going to ________ in winter.
    See, it makes sense! Silly English teacher.

  8. I type “Where do the ducks go in the winter?” in google to find your blog.

  9. ANOTHER ANOTHER person in your blog

    Oh yeah.
    well I just type in the entire url.
    it’s easier than way.
    I mean
    “where do the ducks go in the winter?”

    i’ve commented three times. you’ll never guess who i am! hehe.

  10. Random creepy person

    I’m watching you…

  11. Same random creepy person

    Ok, ok… I’m not really… Maybe…

  12. creepy…..

  13. Oh the good old days, a Friday if I remember correctly. I had nothing better to do. So instead of watching old Brady Bunch reruns and eating Orville Redenbacher’s Extra Butter Popcorn, I decided to google bomb an unsuspecting English teacher. To anger the victim even more,(due to the fact that I am also an American teenager who decides to instill anger into the lives of other people to make up for my lack of self esteem) I put a type-o so vile, and disgusting.

    i just didnt care about stuf like that =p
    english is for wussys!!

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