Create Your Blog

1. Go to the website Click “Sign Up NOW!”

2. Choose a username that includes your real name (so I know whose blog I’m looking at)—your username is going to be the main part of your blog’s address

3. Choose a blog title that includes SOME OR all of your real name so I can tell whose blog I’m looking at.

4. Put in an email address you use regularly so you can see when you get comments.

5. Click on the “Dashboard” link at the top of the page

6. To change the look of the page, click Presentation, then Themes, and choose one you like

7. To add a list of your favorite links, a calendar, or other stuff, click Presentation, Widgets, and drag any of those Widgets at the bottom of the page into one of your toolbars

8. Click on anything else you want to experiment with. Just make sure that your blog is readable and user-friendly when you’re done

9. Click Write, title your post, and get started. Play around with the various buttons at the top

10. Post your first blog entry by clicking PUBLISH at the bottom of the page.

11. Email your name and the address of your new blog to the following address:

You’re done! During this trimester, post all book reports and response papers to your blog.


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