Book Review Instructions

Here’s how to write a BOOK REVIEW:

Write a 1-page book review about the book you’ve just read. Your review must include the following:

  • A brief SUMMARY of the book, describing major characters, events, and themes. This should be no more than one smallish paragraph.
  • Two-to-three paragraphs that ANALYZE specific features of the book. For example, if I were writing about The Catcher in the Rye, I might discuss “voice” in one paragraph (maybe include some sample “Holdenisms”); in another paragraph, I would describe Holden’s character a little more specifically and analyze whether he is a typical “adolescent;” and in one more paragraph I would talk about the plot structure of the book, how it’s kind of an anti-hero’s quest, and whether I liked that or not.
  • The last required element is a CONCLUSION in which you express your overall OPINION of the book. Generally, if your summary and analysis were favorable (giving the reader the impression that the book is worth reading) your overall opinion should be positive. If you didn’t find much to analyze, or didn’t like the stuff you were analyzing, you should express all that in your opinion, too. The point of this assignment is to let other students know if the book you read is worth reading.

That’s it. Keep it short and simple.

Use the standard MLA format we use for all response papers. (Sample MLA format paper)

Don’t forget to read it through to yourself out loud before printing it and handing it in, and if you want to get really fancy, have another smart person read it and correct the little grammar problems before I have to.

If you still have any questions, post them as comments to this page and I’ll respond as soon as I can. Reading your questions and my answers will probably help others out.

PS: Don’t plagiarize online reviews or the bookjacket–it’s painfully obvious when you do so, and it leads to an uncomfortable discussion with me, and an even more uncomfortable F on the assignment.


13 responses to “Book Review Instructions

  1. When is the last one due? I know that it is sometime this week, I just dont know what day.

  2. Any time by the end of the week is fine. The technical due date is tomorrow.


  3. But then what happens if we don’t turn it in tomorrow? :/

  4. NOT Keith Chicago

    if you dont turn it in tomorrow you DIE

  5. You scare me Frankie. 😦

  6. Chelsea Silva
    Matt Thomas
    Language Arts Period 3
    October 6, 2009
    A Wrinkle in Time
    A Wrinkle in Time is a book mainly about three kids named Meg, Charles, and Calvin going off on an adventure to defeat IT and to save Megs and Charles dad. They did not know where he was the only thing they knew is that he went on a Top Secret mission for the government and he never came back and he had stop writing to them so Meg new something had gone wrong. Meg has a mom and three younger brothers two of them are twins then Charles is the baby and he never talked tell he was about the age of four and know when he speaks he speaks with fine meaning. Then they meet the three W’s and that were they begin their adventure.
    The three W’s are like witch’s there not exactly human, They transport the three kids to a place called Camazotz where they leave the three children on their own but give them each a special gift to help them. As their journey begins they walk through this place noticing that everyone is the same they all have the same rhythm and there doing nothing different even the houses are exactly the same. They then stop at a boy handing out news papers and he mentioned CENTRAL central Intelligence then when the three kids arrived there Calvin had a strange feeling that if they went in something bad would happen but Charles insisted on going in so they did. They ran into a old man with bright red eyes Meg did not feel safe at all. This man was not human he was posses by something or someone but who they could not figure it out. The man tried to hypnotize them but it didn’t seem to work then Charles stared into his eyes and he was no longer Charles inside. Meg started to yell saying it’s not Charles. The man explained about IT then Charles took Calvin and Meg to IT. As they began their walking in the building the suddenly stopped and in a column there was her father she put on the W’s glasses and walked straight in once reunited with her father but at the same time lost her brother. You’ll have to read this book to see what happens does Charles Die? Who is IT? Well they ever get back home?
    The Unique thing about this book is that it had a lot of meaning to it and good Quotes. This book made me feel like it was actually happening in real life it was crazy. It made me realize that there’s a lot of good and evil in the universe and sometimes you lose things to get things but you must be brave about it. It did show me a lot of emotions in life. I know no more words by reading this book.
    What I liked about this book is that it was full of life and adventure really. It also reminded me a lot about my life and dreams it was rather interesting I mean for me just randomly picking this book I didn’t even know anything about it I just saw it on the list and started to read it and hey it ended up being really good.
    I recommend that people at EHHS should read this book because it can help you learn more words better quotes and open your eyes to see that there’s adventures’ out there waiting to be explored. I bet a lot of people would like this book epically if they like fantasy or adventure.

  7. Kamille Campbell

    Kamille Campbell
    Matt Thomas
    Language Arts Period 4
    October 7, 2009
    Dark Angle
    Well the book starts out talking about two women roaming around the mountain side picking flowers for a wedding reception; they are talking about the dark angle, the two girls were Aeriel and Eoduin. Eoduin was taking by the dark angle. Who is a scary soul sucking vampire that terrorized the whole village. The village was upset with Aeriel cause they felt it was her fault that Eoduin was missing and was captured so Aeriel ventured out to save Eoduin from the dark angle. She ends up getting captured and finds out she has feelings for the dark angle she never would have expected.
    I thought it was really unique how its like one of the only vampire stories that has no male here that kills the vampire in the end and gets the girl but this story has a whole completely different ending its really unique and there’s not as many mythical creatures in it either but it was still really good.
    I really liked the whole story plot and storyline the whole book kept you in suspense you wanted to know what happened it kept you interested the whole way through the book and its really hard to find books like that. It was also really mysterious and enchanting the dark angle was. The characters were well thought out they were really realistic like.
    This book is really good if people are looking for a suspenseful edgy; mysterious semi-frightful thrilling story. If you are looking for a page turner, a book that keeps you wanting to know more this is a good book to read.

  8. Alexis Atkinson

    By Olivier Pauvert
    224 pages
    Alexis Atkinson
    Per. 4
    On the night of his wedding, a man is arrested for the murder of a young woman, the murder is gruesome and sadistic, he wonders, “could I really be her murderer?”
    On the way to a high security penitentiary, the van, carrying him and the other convicts crashes and falls off of a cliff, killing all but him, or so he thinks. He wanders aimlessly for hours and finds a mysterious house with large dogs guarding the way. Once inside he meets a man that appears to have down syndrome, little does he know that he will soon become this man. When he returns to his home town in France, he realizes that everything has turned into a fascist pit, life is no longer comfortable. He encounters many trials on his journey to find out who he truly is and what everything means.
    Olivier Pauvert has a great sense of adventure, this book is incredibly unique in its controversial views on death and so on. It makes you really wonder what life is about and what we miss when we die, what goes on in the after life and do we really know and understand what is going on around us. It also makes you question what goes through the mind of a sadist while they are committing murder. The main character is quite apathetic, it seems as though he doesn’t feel.
    I liked how the plot was consistent and didn’t falter, it kept you wanting to read more and see how things turned out. It made you wonder if he really murdered the girl, if not then who, how did the government turn to fascism? I wanted to know who the man in the down syndrome body was.
    I think that anyone that loves adventure, and mystery should read this book because it will keep you interested and make you think. It will further your interest in well written literature.

  9. by J.D. Salinger

    Holden was a student at Pencey but then he was expelled for having bad grades.
    Holden packs up and leaves his school and takes a train ride to new york to go back to his parents apartment. He does not want to go back to them right away instead he goes to the Edmont hotel. he spends his time dancing with these three girls. also when he is at the hotel he runs into a prostitute he doesn’t do anything with her and he tells her to leave his room. But he still pays her she wants more money Holden does not give her more money and her pimp beats up Holden.

    Holden stays another two day in the city where he ends up in a museum where he contrasts his life with the Eskimos.
    life for holden is pretty hard cause his brother died. but one night he goes back to his parents place he has to sneak in to the house just to talk to his little sister.

    What I thought of the book was it was great book it had very inspirational moments. even thou he does not think like every one else but yet he is able to go out and survive out in the hardest city ever new york.

    I would have to say my favorite part of the book was when he goes to the school and when he sees the tags that say F#@K you and stuff like that it reflected on me cause i feel that kids at our school do that and i can never find out why they feel like they must put up such things like that.

    would i ever recommend this book to anyone. i would have to say yes cause what this book does is it makes you look at your life though the eyes of holden and its very odd cause not most books can do that.

    by. Tony Wondergem
    The Catcher in the Rye

  10. Emily Rumel
    3rd period
    November 15th

    The story begins with an introduction by William Goldman where he tells about his childhood and the book “the princess bride” written by S. morgenstein and how his dad would read it when he was sick. After growing up William Goldman finds the book and finds that it is more boring then he remembers so he re writes it, leaving out the boring parts. While reading the book I thought Goldman really did do this because the story moved on and didn’t have to stop and describe every little thing which can be over done so easily. There was still enough detail to keep my attention but not too much which I think was reasonable and made it easier to read.

    The plot of the book was a basic love story with some differences here and there but not in a major way. When the main girl buttercup figures out that she’s in love with Westley, he leaves for America to make more money for the two of them. When westley is captured at sea he is reported dead and buttercup is crushed. The prince humperdink then demands her to marry him. Buttercup is reunited with westley after being kidnapped and the two love each other again but are separated when the prince shows up and agrees not to kill westley if buttercup goes with him. Westley is tortured, killed, and then brought back to life and saves buttercup from humperdink after they’ve already been married and the two of them run off.

    A cool thing about “the princess bride” is that there’s a lot of themes going on at once. There’s revenge, love, friendship, and the biggest one I liked is the theme of doing something better. This theme is shown when Goldman talks about taking “the princess bride” and making it better even though he wrote the book in the first place. This theme made it easier to go along with the story. The idea of taking something and making it better can be applied to pretty much anything in our lives. This could even be done mentally if you think about it. By taking a situation and changing our view on it can help a lot.
    In conclusion this was a pretty decent book. If anyone has seen the movie, that’s probably good enough cause the movie followed the book pretty well. Obviously there’s going to be differences in description of characters and how they appear or more background story for each character. If you want an easy book to read then this book is worth reading and is easy to follow and keep up with.

  11. Allen Hamrick
    Matt Thomas
    Language Arts 3rd Period
    November 19th 2009

    Shogun, By: James Clavell, is the story about the discovery of Japan and what the sailors must do to survive in this new land. The book does include actual Japanese dialect and in some cases with no translation provided, I think that adds a foreign element to the story. The choice of words is beautiful yet harsh at the same time.
    I can think of only 1 main character I feel comfortable with somewhat spoiling and that is because he is introduced in the beginning and he can be analyzed like this within the first 50 pages or so. Blackthrone, the captain of what the Japanese call the pirate ship that has come to invade them, he came to japan with only one purpose in mind: gold, gold, and lets not forget more gold, I believe he also came to convert the Japanese to his religion. After arriving he found himself in custody and fighting for his life and crew. He is a religious man, like all men in this time period, he orders his crew around and placing his own life as top priority.
    It stays close to the story and doesn’t wander off in tangents which I find to be helpful as it keeps me focused and not wanting to skip ahead a few hundred pages. The story is solid and interesting so am trying my best not to spoil to much. I would absolutely recommend reading this if my line about the story back there got you, or if you are into Japaneses folklore, samurai’s or really anything else of that variety.

  12. THE ROAD is about a father and son traveling together across a post apocalyptic world. Some years after a storm has destroyed people and almost all life on Earth.The sun is covered by a layer of ash so thick that the people have to breathe through masks. The surviving people of humanity have been reduced to violence and cannibals
    knowing that they will not survive another winter. the father leads them through this place towards the sea hoping of finding other good people.

    Overwhelmed by this hopeless situation the mother, pregnant with the boy at the time of the storm, The father coughs blood every morning and knows he is dying. He struggles to protect his son from the constant threats of attack, and starvation, They carry a pistol with two bullets, meant for protection or suicide if necessary. In the face of all of these obstacles, the man and the boy have only each other The man maintains the pretense, and the boy holds on to the real faith, that there is a core of ethics left somewhere in humanity. They repeatedly tell one another that they are “the good guys” who are carrying the fire.

    what i liked about the book well one is that you told the class that he writes westerns mostly so i thought it was cool how he could do a really good job on a post apocalyptic book it was vary well done. what i thought was very strange about the book was that he never gave anyone a name cause it saw kinda hard to keep up with who was talking sometimes in the book.
    the way i herd about the book was that i saw they were making a movie out of it and my friend said you should read that book so i did.

    by Tony Wondergem

  13. Tony Wondergem

    Shaw Shank redemption

    the Shaw shank redemption is about a man by the name of Andy Du frame about 20 to 25 years old who one day find out that his wife has been cheating on him with the tennis pro. He parks outside of his house with a bottle of scotch in hand and a 66 caliber pistol with 6 bullets.

    The next days hes in court and he is being charged for the murder of his wife and her lover the judge give him two life sentences one for each other of his victims. so that day hes being sent to Shaw shank prison. the guards there are the meanest guards in the whole state and the warden is a man who only believer in two thing the discipline and the bible so he give every prison mate a bible.

    the inmates have a weird life their i guess they have been there so long they just know how everything work what to say what not to say who to talk to if they need anything.
    the man who can get you anything from a pack of smoke to a bag of refer. Red is a inmate whose in there for murder just like Andy but red will admit that he killed people. every ten years red always has a meeting to see if hes been rehabilitated every time he says yes i have they always reject him. the day that Andy came to prison red and his buddy all take bets on who will be the first one to cry, they never bet money they only care about their smokes. the first guy that cried the guards told him to shut up and he didn’t stop crying so the guards pulled him out of his cell and beat him until he died

    Andy never talked to anybody for about two weeks but when he finally did he spoke to red cause he knew red was the type of guy who could get him anything Andy asked for a rock hammer he never really said what it was for all red told him was if they find you with it they will take it away.

    brooks is one of my favorite charters in the whole story after 50 of being in Shaw shank brook was finally being let out, brooks didn’t want to go but weather he liked or no he had to go he was so shocked of how the world got its self in a big damn hurry. he got a job being a baggier he didn’t like it to much the boss didn’t like him and his hands hurt alot of the times. I think it was because he was so use to being an important man in prison and from going to that to being a baggier boy its probably not the best life so brook decide to pack up all his stuff and hang him self.

    I think it is one of the most greatest story’s ever written the story is like nothing that’s ever been done before the charters are so strong and they all make very great point it in the story Andy my most favorite of all the main charters in the world and the twist and the ending and how everything ties together it just blew me away.

    BY Tony Wondergem

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