19 responses to “Waaaaaah.

  1. Who would have done such a thing? There are a lot of scum in this world.

  2. why does it say my name when i roll over it with the mouse???????????????? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm???????????

  3. Thank you for zee 10 points matt!!!!!!!!!!!! it’ll do.

  4. I am not completely sure why my name would be on there. Interesting. It gives me something to ponder until I actually do something. Thank you.

  5. Keith Chicago

    Matt Thomas:

    My love for you is like the coldest river,
    so rapid and immense it makes my soul shiver
    A glance from you is like a treasure
    you fill my heart with such sweet pleasure
    Your soulful eyes and warm embrace
    bring me to such a happy place
    Your sweet smile makes me dizzy
    let’s get some barbecue and get busy

  6. wow. i knew that if i just kept bloggin’ through the hard times it would all pay off one day. i thank you, mr. chicago, wherever you may be.

  7. Keith Chicago

    Yeah, well I gotta go back to work as a humble miner now. You take care, my little sunflower. (A)

  8. hehehehehehehehehehe.

    can u haz googl bom?


  9. That’s disheartening… people are tarded.

    I now will suck-up and say that Matt Thomas rocks–even though it is genuine and I mean it in no was to be sarcastic.

    …That is all.

  10. I had no idea what a google bomb even was. Still don’t really.

    OK, I’ve added your blog to my list of cool things English teachers are doing — and cyber, also, which makes it twice as wonderful.

  11. hi mattito!! it is henry (your beloved nephew)

  12. bonjour !! ca va bien ??? quel age as-tu ?? 30 ?
    bien !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. here is my blog:
    hope you like it
    your beloved nephew hen

  14. oh, matt thomas, it appears we’ve stolen your theme for no other reason besides pure spite. ohoho.
    question: does matt thomas check his schooltime blog even when school is out?

  15. pfffft. looks like you aren’t using your blog for your class, matt. shaaaaaame.

  16. most interesting english class pod-cast ever.

    …maybe the only english class pod-cast?

  17. Felicia Taylor

    Why am I even on this list?

  18. Felicia Taylor

    Oh wow, I already asked that like 2 years ago… weird.

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