Time to apply your research skillzz

delightful! delightful!

Yesterday your task was to gather interesting ideas and images from the life and times of Shakespeare. Perhaps that delightful comic cartoon above reminds you of some of the rather, uh, surprising aspects of Elizabethan England we discussed.

You were supposed to note anything you wanted to know more about, but if you were too busy thinking about running scabs, bile, and Juliet being played by a dude, you may want to take a few minutes today just to reflect on yesterday and figure out which part of it left the biggest impression on your tender, young, impressionable mind. If you didn’t pay much attention yesterday, you’re on your own today. Luckily, you’re sitting in front of a computer connected to all the knowledge in the world, so maybe you can do some preliminary reading to get an idea for something relating to Shakespeare that you want to find out more about.

Once you have a vague idea about your area of interest, it’s time to do some research to find out more about it. Here’s the assignment:

Use the Pioneer Online Library to find at least two articles focused on the Shakespeare-related topic you decided on above.

Use Google to locate at least one respectable webpage (not Wikipedia or any other general reference source, like dictionary.com) with information concerning your topic.

Print a copy of each article/webpage, then read them carefully, highlighting the main ideas. Generally speaking, you should highlight at least one main idea in each paragraph (although not every paragraph has an idea worth highlighting).

Tomorrow, we’ll be back here in the lab writing up brief summaries of these articles and getting ready to present the main ideas to the class.

Happy hunting!


One response to “Time to apply your research skillzz

  1. brightonisnotaskiresort

    I used my elite research skills to find this website: http://www.animalshaveproblemstoo.com/index.php which, though on an indefinite hiatus, has enough archives to tickle the soul.

    Also, I get the feeling the entire site would smell like soup, if you could walk into it.

    You may be wondering how I came across this gem using research skills. As it were, if you type “small tube onion ointment,” you come up with such a thing.

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