what to write about, response paper 6

“What are we supposed to write about?”

Ah, those magical words. They descend upon my auditory apparatus as the dews distilled from the fresh vernal morn.

As usual, we have spent the first three days of this week in deep discussion about ideas and texts that should fuel the firestorm of your response paper writing. This week, the suggested topics are particularly simple:

  • Have a “transcendental” experience. (Define what you think makes it “transcendental” based on Walden and class discussions.) Write about it.
  • Pick a quote, any quote, from Walden and talk about how it fits in with your view of modern life as it is, or as it should be.

Whichever type of writing you choose, you are required this week to include at least one formal “quote” from Walden, and to cite it properly, according to MLA guidelines. We talked about using quotes in writing on Wednesday, and you can download a little handout with reminders at the bottom of this post.


Download: MLA citation tips


One response to “what to write about, response paper 6

  1. hey matt i posted up my 5th response paper!!sorry for the delay…couldnt remember what i wrote for the 5th response essay!!lol just so many…i cant keep it on track!!

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