how to write a response paper

Today we talked all about how to write a response paper, generally spending most of our time on this extensive and super-superfluously detailed handout I spent much of the summer preparing.

Here is said handout: response paper handout

This handout is your main resource from here on out. We’ll be writing our first response papers starting Thursday, due on Monday next.


Download:  response paper handout


6 responses to “how to write a response paper

  1. ummm……how exactly do i write a response paper?

  2. Rosario Spaulding

    I need to write a response paper on an exerpt from “Neonatolology” by Elizabeth Alexander
    I have read this over and over, don’t understand how to write the reponse paper. What do you make of this rain, little one, night rain that your parents have loved all their lives? From 2 to 3 The Streets of San Francisco comes on each night, and I watch Karl Malden stop crime, and listen to the mouse-squeak of your suckling, behold your avid jaws, your black eyes: otter, ocelot, my whelp, my cub, my seapup. In the days before you smile at me or call me Mama or love me, love is all tit, all wheat-smelling milk, humid crook of the arm where your warm damp head seems to live. I pretend your clasping my finger means you love me.

  3. This handout didnt help me at all, I guess I should have googled “response paper format” instead of “how to write a response paper”

  4. Thank you so much, this has really helped me … 🙂 and to tink i was about to write in five paragraph form … 😉

    hopefully this is what my professor wanted…

  5. Thanks for posting this. You’re already a better instructor than my English “professor”. You ask him a question about an assignment and he tells you to google it. Genius, why didn’t I think of that?

  6. i need to write a response paper about the movie ‘megamind’ and ‘despicable me’ ans the puestion is do you think that they could be given the title of an antihero

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