So, today we started off with a little grammar crash-course/review in preparation for next week’s CRT tests. Here are the slides I used for the presentation:

Capitalization review

I’ll let the slides speak for themselves rather than describing the whole lesson in today’s blog entry.

After that, we began our dive into the depths of act 5 of Othello and Hamlet.

In Othello, we witnessed the death of Roderigo at the hands of Iago after Roderigo picked a fight with Cassio. Iago didn’t get a chance to kill Cassio yet, but merely to wound him in the leg. Will Cassio escape with this minor flesh wound, or does a worse fate lie in store?

In Hamlet, we heard the famous banter between the jaded gravediggers, Hamlet’s famous speech to his old, dead friend Yorick (whose skull he retrieves from the newly-dug grave), and finally his fight with Laertes in Ophelia’s grave, complete with Hamlet’s vigorous declaration of his consuming love for Ophelia. In case there was ever any doubt about Hamlet’s feelings for Ophelia throughout the play, this speech should pretty much lay those doubts to rest for all but the most cynical readers.

Tomorrow, the serious tragedy will get underway.



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