I freaked myself out this weekend.

I’ve been trying to get a selection of high-quality movies ready to go for the Japanese Horror Festival the International Cinema Club is putting on tomorrow, so that meant two days of blood, guts, and Japanese gore for me. The suspense-factor of ominous music and blurred images of ghostly little children does wear off after 3 or 4 movies from this genre, but then all the suspense comes back with a vengeance once it gets dark outside. Also, my wife is out of town this week, so I had to suffer those demons all by my lonesome last night. It was…fun.

Actually, on Saturday night I did see a movie good enough to wipe out all the scariness: Hot Fuzz. If you don’t know about Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg by now, you don’t deserve to call yourselves students of East Hollywood High. (If you have heard about them but don’t attend this school, you still don’t deserve it, but we’ll take it under consideration.) Anyway, it’s smart, funny, incredibly ironic and downright Shakespearean in tone. I think one thing a lot of us fail to realize was that Shakespeare, like Wright and Pegg, was out to shock us with gore, woo us with genuine romance, and make us laugh at really inappropriate moments. Both Sean of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, for all their absurdity, pack a real punch. That is, they manage to be ridiculous and ironic and still make a constructive comment about life and the world we live in.


We had class. Today was devoted to the dumb show for act 4 of each play, and then reading. We also had a lovely discussion in 1st period about Love and Death in Othello, and we had a major debate about whether love (and marriage) is a constructive force for order, or a destructive, chaos-inducing social convention. We’ll definitely discuss this again after reading acts 4 and 5 of Othello.

Tomorrow look out for the 2nd Quotes ‘n’ Notes sheet to work on, but, until then, read Shakespeare, stay safe, and don’t watch any unmarked videos.


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