Hello, my friends, and welcome to Friday’s post.

Today, the class worked on their first “Quotes and Notes” assignment while I graded all kinds of crazy, last-minute work people turned in ahead of midterms.

As for the Quotes and Notes…sadly, I left school today (I’m blogging from home) before uploading the worksheet. So if you missed class today, and are super on-the-ball, you’ll just have to enjoy your weekend instead of catching up on homework.

There is one thing you could do to expedite your homework next week: Look back over the second act of the play we’re reading and choose 4 or 5 quotes you think are particularly interesting, for any reason. Maybe the quote is beautifully poetic, or maybe it reveals something about a character, whatever. Just find a few quotes and write down where they are (scene #, line #), then you’ll be ready to do the “Notes” part of the activity when I upload it to this post on Monday, along with a more detailed explanation. Sorry about the delay.

But happy DPF!


Later: Okay, the file for the Quotes and Notes is now available for download below. The instructions are on the worksheet, but there’s one thing in particular you should be careful about with this assignment: You can write whatever you want in the “notes” part of the sheet EXCEPT a “translation” of the quote you selected. I know what the characters are saying and I’m pretty good at deciphering Shakespearean English. What I want to know is what YOU think about it. I want you to make inferences (educated guesses) about the character’s thoughts and feelings, to draw conclusions about their motives, and to connect what’s happening in the play with things you’ve seen or experienced in real life. The important thing is to go well beyond merely “translating” the passage. 


Othello Quotes and Notes #1

Hamlet Quotes and Notes #1

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