Perhaps you are the kind of person who comes to this site looking for current information about the world of Language Arts and the adventures we East Hollywood learners are experiencing each day in that realm of mystery and intrigue.

Or perhaps you are one of those tormented souls afflicted with the latest plague to befall innocent victims across the globe, Blog Addiction. You just can’t get enough of the highly personal, typo-ridden exchanges with the ether, these desperate pleas for attention shouted out into the cold, inattentive space known as the WW Information Superweb Net.

Either way, I aim to please, and, in so aiming, I fear that I please no one. Least of all myself. But let not this blog descend to the depths of pitiful one-wayedness indulged by most web-bloggers. Because…

Today we had class.

The first part of class we spent enjoying the last few ghost and villain presentation left over from Tuesday. There was one especially enlightening presentation on the scourge of Latin America, La Llorona. The funny part was, about four students in the class almost couldn’t listen to the presentation, having spent most of their childhood years living in utter and mortal fear of this banshee-like apparition. Apparently, their nice little grandmas used La Llorona to keep the little ones in line.

Anyway, after that, we proceded with our Dumb Shows for act 2. They were very dumb, indeed. And also performed silently.

Most classes then got started with act 2 of either Othello or Hamlet. More on that tomorrow.


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