Why was I in such a good mood today? First of all, I had a splitting headache for most of the day, which, while it doesn’t normally fill my heart with joy, does often cause the left side of my mouth to curl up in a painful grimace that could be mistaken for a smile. That was nice.

But I did have good reason to smile today since today we began reading Shakespeare. We weren’t quite ready for the Shakespeare feast that is Hamlet and Othello, but instead we started with a Shakespeare aperitif–an appetizer: We learned how to read and enjoy Shakespearean sonnets.

Another thing that made me happy yesterday was that I finally got a projector in my class and was able to create my whole lecture in PowerPoint, which means, if you want to learn what we learned in class, you’ll need to download the presentation listed below, go through the slides, complete the various activities, and hand it all in.

Now I need to go home and bang my head against a wall to make it hurt a little less. Joyyyy.


Download: sonnet slides

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