I’ve been thinking a lot lately about cakes. Urinal cakes, to be specific.

You see, our school facility here is constantly being upgraded and improved, and a few weeks ago the men’s bathroom was augmented by the addition of these curiously sudsy pucks. (Eww.) There’s something fascinating about the cakes–their color, the way they shrink, everso slowly, down to nothingness, and especially the urinal cake “holster” that holds them in place. I suppose I’m so fascinated by the holster because it’s impossible not to think, whenever you look at it, about what it would be like to have to change the cake. Our holsters are little rubber “cages” that contain the cake, founded on three flexible “feet” that extend into the nether-regions of the receptacle and hold the cake in the perfect center of the drain. This is incredibly important, considering that it is the draining action which causes water to lav the cake and release its aromatic splendor.

Now, you may think that all of this talk is overblown, sensless, perhaps even crude. But I would just like to point out that if you could somehow, right now, right this moment, experience a before-and-after (cake) smell test of this school’s private young men’s sanitary facilities, you would be as enthusiastic as I am about these fragrant pink pucks.

And thus concludes the dumbest thing I have ever written in full view of the public.

Today’s lecture on the basics of visual design in PowerPoint is presented to you as a downloadable file in…wait for it…PowerPoint! Click on the download below to access the file. Read it, and enjoy. If you like, you can pick up an abbreviated handout with the the most important instructions you’ll probably need as you create your own slide shows this week.

All hail the cake!


Download: “Basics of PowerPoint Design” lesson

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