It’s Short Story Festival Eve, everybody! One more sleep until Short Story Festival! Tonight, as all you boys and girls sleep, Short Story gnomes will bring you visions of fairies and sugar-plums. The Old Story Man will ride around the world in his Cadillac D’Elegance leaving story nuggets in the front yards of all the boys and girls who have been coming to English class and working hard each day. And tomorrow morning, you’ll all wake up at 5am to see what you got. And what you’ll get is…a story to read to the class tomorrow. Preferably, a story you wrote. Did I say preferably? Make that “mandatorily.”

In honor of Short Story Eve, I thought we would have sort a non-test assessment. That means, an activity where you can show me what you know about short stories and the literary terms we’ve been studying over the past month, without actually taking a test. To do this, we first read together as a class the story “Bohemians,” by George Saunders, probably my favorite contemporary short story author. (If you liked this story, you should definitely check out his novellas, The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil and The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip, and his two collections of short stories, CivilWarLand in Bad Decline and In Persuasion Nation.) After we read that, I handed out a handout (how appropriate) (available for download below) that has a list of all the literary terms we’ve been studying for the past month, their definitions, and a place to fill in an example of that term from the story we just read. If you missed today, come by and borrow the story so you can fill in the worksheet.

I’m so excited. Tomorrow is Short Story Festival day!



Downloads: Literary terms review worksheet


One response to “4/11/2007

  1. I have 20 dollars (ok I really have 3) betting that you will most likely end up reading most of the stories.

    Rest up Matt


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