Last day of the term.

Some rejoiced, others mourned.

And why did they mourn, oh great and wise sage of the English class?

The doleful cries of the failing students were caused by caring too little for too long, and caring too much too late. I would advise all students to seek a path which transverses the base of that giddily oxygen-free mountain top and bridges that grief-filled valley. This is the path known to all the great sages of yore as “Doing at least a little bit of homework as it is assigned.” This is the course I recommend to all young paduwans.

Anyway, here’s what we did today:

Students took a few minutes to complete the expansion of one of their “story nugget” ideas into a slightly more complete form, using the worksheet I have attached once again to the bottom of this post.

When most were mostly done with that, we grouped up into threes and fours and worked on the right column of that sheet. This required students to summarize their current story ideas for the group, and it required that group members contemplate the details about plot, setting and character that they were being told and then to give productive feedback, including additional ideas, suggestions for changes, and basic questions about where the author was planning on taking the story from there.

I had planned to do that for about 30 minutes or so, but some classes found that the time was too short and they were still productive, so they just took the whole time. For classes that did finish, we spent the last 25 minutes of class reading the story “Harrison Bergeron,” by my current favorite author, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. If your class didn’t get to read, feel free to stop by and borrow a copy. It’s a funny story with a lot to make us think about.

Happy end of semester, and, as always, a peaceful DPF to you.


Downloads: Story development and feedback worksheet


One response to “3/23/2007

  1. i hope the young paduwans listen to your wise advise about ‘doing at least a little bit of homework as it is assigned’. and i hope none of their parents bother their guidance counselor if they failed.

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