Thank goodness it’s Monday, everyone!

Short and sweet is the post today.

Reverse is my diction, despite the conventions that are modern.

Sound like Yoda, do I, but stupid-er.

Okay, enough. Today we kicked off class with the semi-monthly book review. Yes, book reports were due today, and various people in the class reviewed their books for us. We had a wide variety of books, including books about werewolf lovers, evil carnies, righteous carnies, a book of Romantic poetry (that’s the Wordsworth, not the Steele kind of Romance), and a book about how to sleep better. Great stuff. If you weren’t here and don’t have a book report form, I’ve re-posted it at the bottom of this post.

For the second half of class, we revisited our list of song tones from Friday. I had various people argue about the tone of a specific song, then we listened to the song again for a few moments and each decided for ourselves. One fact that is undeniable on a day like today is that tone is in the “ear of the listener,” so to speak. The authors/composers/singers of these songs certainly have some attitude in mind when they record, but we as listeners get the final say, based in part on how we feel at the moment of listening, as well as our knowledge (or lack of knowledge) about the artist and their general ideas. So we had some disagreements, and that was a good thing.

All of this stuff has been to set up the idea of “tone” in writing. Tomorrow we’ll connect specific ideas about tone that we’ve built up in music to writing, and then we’ll read another exciting story, which we’ll mine for ideas about theme, symbols, and tone.

Until then, happy Monday.


Download: Book report

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