Not much to blog about today. We went to the writing lab to make the next revision on our Catcher essays.

I suppose I could spend a few paragraphs talking about our “writing lab” here at EHHS, but I might offend the powers that be. I could also spend a few paragraphs talking about students’ mistreatment of the equipment, as sad as it is, in the past few weeks, but then I might offend our clients. So I’m just going to keep my trap shut. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot of technology and nice equipment in this building. Just none that we can use for writing. We writers get the old 486’s that look like they were tied together and dragged down the road behind the East Hollywood High bus.

But I’m not going to talk about that.

As for our writing assignment, today is the last class time we’ll spend on it. I observed today that almost all students who have been here and made a good faith effort to complete the pre-writing and drafting activities we’ve done in class had no trouble coming up with a well-developed draft at this stage. I’m going to read these drafts and grade them, but I will also provide comments and an opportunity for students to revise again and hand it back in for more points. In fact, I’ll accept, grade, and comment on as many drafts as a student wishes to complete. This is where students really learn how to write–when they’re revising drafts, so I hope many students take me up on my offer to re-read and comment on their work.

If you weren’t here today, you now owe me a complete draft of your Catcher paper, along with your pre-drafting activities, on Monday.




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