I was at a writing conference today. More on that tomorrow.

While I was gone, under the able tutelage of Rosana and Ginger, the class did a couple of things:

First, we took the preposition quiz. This quiz was pretty much exactly like the practice worksheet we completed yesterday (download it from yesterdays’ post.)

If you’ve been in class, you should now be able to divide a sentence into a subject, a verb phrase, direct and indirect objects, and prepositional phrases. This is pretty much all you need to know to do some basic sentence analysis and combining. Sentence combining is fun, and proven to have a small positive effect on overall writing, so we’ll be doing some of that over the next couple of weeks.

After that, the class read Catcher, from p.141-157. While they read they completed a section of storyboards to show how they might film this section of the story. Storyboards were to include at least one each of: a long shot, a wide shot, a medium (knee) shot, a chest shot, a close-up, and an extreme close-up. Other than that, students were free to envision the filming of the scene however they saw fit. If you missed class today, come see me for a copy of the storyboard sheet and the reading.


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