Quick post today, for the absent and absent-minded:

First, we played the fabulous new party game that’s sweeping all the nation, “Prepositional phrase link-up,” (also known to some as “Prepositional phrase hook-up,” but I don’t like that title as much, for obvious reasons).

This game is simply too complicated and sophisticated to explain here, but suffice it to say that by playing it we were all reminded of the salient points of prepositions and prepositional phrases that we went over on Friday. There will be a test on prepositional phrases tomorrow. You might try your hand at locating prepositions by doing the practice handout that’s included in the downloads at the bottom of this post.

That stuff pretty much sucked up all the time we had for class today. Tomorrow we’ll forge ahead in the reading and try our hands at some storyboards.

Good night, young lovers.


Downloads: Preposition practice handout


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