Hooray for the UBSCT test. Did I say test? No–opportunity. The UBSCT gives students the golden opportunity to prove to me, Jason, mom and dad, Governor Huntsman, and President Bush that they can read and write at about an 8th-grade level in a highly unusual and totally inauthentic setting (answering arbitrary test questions in a school lunchroom surrounded by 100 people).

Well, that “opportunity” took care of 1st and 2nd period, anyway.

For the classes that actually convened today, we discussed the persuasive essays they evaluated yesterday. We talked specifically about what NOT to do in the introduction, what to do about paragraphs that were too short (i.e., didn’t provide a detailed example to support the reason), and how to spot unnecessary sentences. Basically, we went over the worksheet that students filled out yesterday in class. If you missed today or yesterday, download the worksheet from yesterday’s post and then come see me so I can give you a sample essay to work with.

After talking about the persuasive essays, we read Catcher to page 136. A little more on Catcher tomorrow.

If you are in 2nd period, we didn’t do any of that, so don’t worry about it. We’ll get caught up over the next couple of days.


No downloads.


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