Happy Dance Party Friday, everyone.

Don’t let anyone in 2nd period tell you we didn’t have DPF, because we did. Yes, the bell might have rung, and, yes, half of the class may have already exited the room as I was desperately unlocking my computer and trying to get Itunes to hurry up and start playing “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” but it was still DPF in all its glory. See, Dance Party Friday is really more a state of mind than an actual event in the real world, in realtime, so to speak. So you people in 2nd period, if you have anything to say about that, other than “Thank you, oh great Matt, kindest English teacher of all time, for accommodating our need to welcome the weekend through dance,” then just go ahead and have your lawyers contact my lawyers, ’cause I’m not going to just sit there and listen to the lies. I’ve had it. Up to here.

Up to here.

Hey, that’s a prepositional phrase.

Which reminds me that we had class today. The first thing we did in class was re-read the little paragraph on page 115 of Catcher when Holden sees the little kid walking in the gutter singing “if a body catch a body coming through the rye,” and Holden actually feels happy for the first time in the whole book so far. So we read that, and then spent 10 minutes writing. Here’s the exact writing prompt as it appeared on the board (do this at home if you missed it):

Seeing the singing kid gives Holden his first genuinely HAPPY moment in the book. Think back to the last genuinely HAPPY moment you had. (Think of a small, everyday thing–it doesn’t have to be a big event.) Describe exactly what was happening in that moment in as much detail as you can remember.

So we wrote and shared our writing. Some students had happy moments that were purely happenstance (“I woke up happy.”), others reported being made happy by friends (“She laughed so hard she peed her pants in WalMart.”), and some even reported the joyful satisfaction of indulging an obsession (“It felt good coming home and playing Dragonball on the Wii every day last week.”). My happy moment was going to be about eating a lamb kebab, but by second period I was adding details about visiting a lamb farm once and how beautiful the lambs were, and then I started feeling not so happy about the lamb kebab despite the fact that it had been delicious and really had made me feel much better after a long day.

Which just goes to show, all happiness has a price. Those Mastercharge commercials are crappin’ you negative, my friends.

But then we spent a few minutes with a box. That is, we went over the information brochure I prepared about prepositions (see downloads below), and began our study of prepositions by having students position themselves relative to a box in the room, and having other students guess which preposition they were “acting out.” Next week we’ll play a full-blown preposition party game, in the fine tradition of “dependent/independent musical chairs” and “subjective/objective charades.”

After that we read Catcher to about page 120.

Happy week-end.


Quotes of the day:

“I need to get my grade to passing before lunch.” P.J.

“The nuggets are only as good as the fries. They’re freedom fries.” Laura and Ben

Downloads: Preposition explanation handout

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