Today is my lovely wife’s birthday. Celeste, we salute you and wish you many of the happiest possible returns.

Today in class, after we finished reminiscing about Celeste and her birthday, we got to work with the serious business of getting to know each other. Everyone got to read their community-effort introduction survey, and there were many hilarious and informative results. Many thanks to students, both dull and witty, who made my day with such utterances as:

“If I had a thousand dollars, I would buy a thousand cakes.”

“If I had to pick a favorite barnyard animal, I would have to pick the puppy.”

A running theme to our introductions seemed to be the students’ overwhelming preference for Arbor Day over all other holidays. Go figure. And God bless you, John Denver, wherever you are. You were a beautiful man with a thin piercing voice, flowing golden locks, and an eclectic taste in eyewear. Plant a tree, indeed.

For most of the classes, after we finished getting to “know” each other, we went over my disclosure (attached) and I sent it home. Students must return the disclosure signed by a parent or guardian by tomorrow for 10 points.

Tomorrow, we’ll get along with the serious business of learning by completing what I seriously consider the single most important assignment of the students’ high school careers: the creation of a reading list. We’ll also start reading The Catcher in the Rye. If you’re not excited,you should be. Trust me. I’m a teacher.

Until then, enjoy the disclosure, and ponder the quote of the day.


Quote of the day: “My friend says he wants to be an author. He wants to be famous, but not known. I said, ‘Like J.D. Salinger?’ And he said, ‘Who’s that?'” Jeremy H.


9th grade disclosure document

10th grade disclosure document


4 responses to “1/24/2007

  1. hey matt
    you forget the im known as a oppurlpe dinosaur and the elephants living on a farm haha
    but ill see you tomorrow

  2. I could never forget those wonderful quotes. I will treasure them in my heart forever. Thanks for stopping by–hopefully my posts will get a little snappier (funnier? sadder? more informative?) as I get better at this blogging business.


  3. love the last quote there matt. Reading these is awakening me far more… hmmm… rapidly than my coffee which I have once again begun to drink like a mad man. I blame the short story, I always drink coffee when I type.

  4. I hate to say it, but these posts were my good ones, before the exhaustion and apathy set in. The posts get considerably more businesslike a few days after this. Hopefully, I’ll stop woking as hard for fourth quarter and concentrate on what really matters: Composing meaningful, entertaining posts on my blog. MT

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